Using Rooms & Locations

Rooms & Locations are important if:

Please note: if you enable Rooms & Locations every appointment created in the system will need to be assigned a Location. It is recommended you only enable this feature if your practice requires it.


Setting Up Rooms

Step 1
Open the administration screen 'Administration/Practice Details' and click on the 'Rooms & Locations' tab.

You can set up multiple rooms for your practice, or multiple physical locations

Step 2
Click on the 'Add New' button at the bottom and fill in the details. You can create a new room in your main practice, or a new physical location for another practice you may work at during the week.

Adding a new room or a new physical location

Step 3
When booking a new appointment in the application you will need to assign it a Location.

You can assign a room or location to your appointments

Step 4
On the main calendar you can view appointments by practitioner as well as by room.

View appointments by room or by practitioner


Working With Locations For Multi-Site Practices

If you have set up your locations as physical practice locations instead of rooms (or as well as rooms) then you can tie them to your online bookings through your work hours.

For example, if you work from "Warringah Health Centre" on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but work from "Warringah Podiatry" on Thursday and Friday you can set this up through 'Appointment Types' linked to your work hours.

Step 1
Open the 'Administration/Practice Details' menu and click on the 'Rooms & Locations' tab. Click the 'Add New' button at the bottom and enter the details of the practice's physical location.

You can set up locations that are at a diffent physical practice

Step 2
Open the 'Administration/User Details' menu and double click the user you want to apply the locations to. Click on the 'Appointment Types' tab, then click on the 'Add New' button at the bottom to create a new 'Appointment Type'.

You can allow online bookings for multiple practice locations for the same practitioner through 'Appointment Types'

Step 3
Click on the 'Work Hours' tab and click the 'Edit' button to assign the 'Appointment Type' to your work hours.

You can assign different appointment types, and therefore locations, to your working hours

Step 3
When your patients book online they will be able to select the practitioner in 'Step 1' and then the appointment type in 'Step 2'. The different appointment types will only allow bookings to be made against their location. Also, as the appointment types were assigned to work hours the different locations will only be available on certain days.

Bookings for Warringah Health Centre are only offered on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Bookings for Warringah Podiatry are only offered on Thursday and Friday