Provider Numbers

In Practice Master your provider numbers can be used in two ways:


Setting Provider Numbers

Step 1
Click on the menu 'Administration/User Details' and double click a user to open their details. Click on the 'Provider Numbers' tab.

Setting provider numbers for a user

Step 2
Enter your Medicare provider number and your MediBank provider number.

If you are in Australia and have the Tyro payment terminal enabled you can use your Medicare provider number for Medicare Bulk Bill and Easyclaim and for all health fund claims through Healthpoint you need your MediBank Provider number.

Step 3
If you practice Diagnostic Imaging you may need to add your Location Specific Practice Number (LSPN) which you can do so on the 'Practice Details' screen. Click the menu 'Administration/Practice Details' and enter it at the bottom.

Setting your Location Specific Practice Number (LSPN)


Printing Provider Numbers On Invoices/Receipts

Step 1
You can find the 'Medicare Provider Number' and 'Health Fund (MediBank) No' numbers in the Word Add Ins when you open your document template for editing.

Printing your provider numbers in to your Word templates

Step 2
You can add these items in to your templates by placing your cursor in the document where you want them to appear and clicking the button shown above to insert the data item.