Creating and Managing Composite Invoices

Composite invoices are composed of other invoices. They are a useful for:

There are two types of composite invoice:


Creating a New 'Composite' Invoice

Step 1
There are several ways to initiate a composite inovice:

Creating a new composite invoice

Step 2
When you create a composite invoice you need to choose its type:

Choosing the type of composite invoice


Brand New Invoice

If 'Brand New' is selected then the following occurs:

The brand new invoice is just like any other invoice in the system. It can be printed/emailed/edited etc and it's fees take part fully in reports.

Step 1
When you select 'Brand New Invoice' for your composite invoice type the original invoices are refunded and a new one is created containing the items from the original invoices. This is a now a normal invoice and as such the 'Edit Invoice' window opens showing the items copied in.

Editing a composite invoice of type 'Brand New'

Step 2
The composed invoices are refunded and the brand new invoice remains.

When a brand new invoice is created its child invoices are refunded


Composite Invoice

If 'Composite' is selected then the following occurs:

The 'Composite' is a special type of invoice that lets you manage the composed invoices but does not take part in reporting itself. This is because the original invoices are left untouched and they will take part in reporting as normal.

Step 1
When you select 'Composite' as the type for your composite invoice the 'Edit Composite Invoice' window will appear.

The 'Edit Composite Invoice' window in 'Composite' mode

Step 2
Clicking the 'Add/Remove' button will open the 'Invoice Browser Window' for you to start adding invoices to your composite invoice.

Selecting invoices to add to a composite invoice

Step 3
When a 'Composite' invoice is saved it is the only invoice saved (the original composed invoices are left untouched).

A composite invoice is a special type of invoice

Step 4
And when a 'Composite' invoice is re-opened it shows the composed invoices as items. The child invoices can easily be opened and edited. In this way a 'Composite' invoice is a good way to manage groups of invoices.

When you open a composite invoice you can easily manage the composed child invoices

Step 5
When a 'Composite' invoice is printed or emailed to the recipient, it appears as normal invoice would. Even though the items are in fact invoices themselves they are shown in summary form as items on the printed invoice. This makes composite invoices ideal for sending groups of invoices to a single client for processing (for example an insurance company).

A composite invoice can still be emailed/printed just like a normal invoice - the child invoices are shown as the items