Practice Master Pro Speech Therapy Software

Practice Master Pro can help you manage all aspects of your speech therapy practice. Everything from Accounting and Invoicing right through to your Patient Notes and Patient Handouts.



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Customisable Patient Forms

You can customise your patient notes area to take details relating to your patient's current issue and any injuries which may have caused impaired speech. You can create other pages relating to your proposed treatment plan and to record their progress etc. You can easily skip to previous notes to monitor progress on a visit by visit basis.

Patient Handouts

You can create handouts for your patient containing phrases to aid speech function or exercises to help with breathing/swallowing. You can create categories such as 'Breathing Exercises', 'Pronunciation & Repetition' etc. to make items easy to find and help you to quickly create your patient handout. You can print a copy for your patient to take home or email it directly to them all with a single click.


Handouts tie in with the Email System so you can right-click to send the patient their custom PDF handout easily.