Practice Master Pro Osteopathy Software

Practice Master Pro is perfect for an osteopathic practice as you can tailor the patient notes to fit your exact requirements. Patient handouts can help your patients improve their conditions post treatment. And with excellent diagram support you can quickly annotate diagrams while taking your patient notes.



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Customisable Patient Forms

Create your own patient notes perfectly tailored to your osteopathy clinic. Very easy to set up and flexible enough to let you create your own custom lists - for example, a VAS scale, a pain scale etc. and include them directly in your forms. As the patient notes are template based, you can create forms for many treatment types include initial consultations, follow up visits and pregnancy.

Osteopath Patient Notes Template

Practice Master Pro comes with an Osteopath template included. You can use this template to start taking your patient notes straight away, or you can customise it as you require to meet your own specific requirements.

Professional Diagrams

Add multiple high quality informative diagrams to your patient notes with our streamlined diagram editor. Easily annotate the diagrams to give a quick overview of the complaint during review. You can annotate any of the built in backgrounds or add your own to suit your practice.

Create Patient Handouts (Exercises/Stretches)

You can create your own custom sets of exercises and stretches and group them to make them quick to find. For example, you could group by muscle group then double click to add them to the handout. Handouts are stored against your patient's notes and can be printed and given to your patient to take away, or emailed directly to them with a single click.

Sell Items By Weight And Volume

If you sell herbal medicines from your osteopathic clinic you can set them up to sell by weight or volume as well as by item quantity. You can enter the total weight/volume sold and it will appear on the invoice as well as the price.